You are currently viewing Work & Social Distancing in the Himalayas : Update Nepal (Harmony Thank you for the nice T-shirts)

Work & Social Distancing in the Himalayas : Update Nepal (Harmony Thank you for the nice T-shirts)

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After three months of total lockdown, Kathmandu is still experiencing new cases of Covid -19. Because it is the capital of Nepal, there has been strict restrictions for inbound traffic to the valley. team in Nepal has been working from home throughout this time. We continue to do so. Finally this past week the government has allowed some movement of traffic. The vehicles allowed to drive in a given day depends on the “odd” or “even” number of the license plate. During odd calendar dates, odd number plates are permitted to drive. 

Although iBriz does have an office in Kathmandu, we thought it prudent to still continue to work from home. To break the monotony of working from home every day, some team members decided that it might be OK to meet in an open environment wearing masks and adhering to social distancing. 

We are excited to continue to work on Harmony projects and our team for Harmony is growing and getting more and more comfortable with the technology. Our CEO had brought some t-shirt gifts from the Harmony team in the US. We finally got to wear them. Much appreciate the gift from such a long way. Meant a lot to us.

( team is working from seven different locations in Nepal)


We decided to meet at our CEO’s place which has a very big yard. The office bought a large tent and we worked from there and had our stand up meeting. Many of our staff members are outside of Kathmandu. They could not attend. Today was an odd number day. Those with even number license plates could not come either. Six of us met today and ordered pizza. The others attended via Discord.

We are sharing some pictures of our meet today. Again thank you Harmony. 

We have been very careful about safety. Photos were taken without masks only with proper distancing.