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Blockchain and Trade Finance

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Guangzhou Blockchain

Hangzhou Government investment in $1.6 Billion blockchain fund and RMB 500 million Shenzhen VC fund on Blockchain. Blockchain entering ‘government-led mode’ with Shenzhen blockchain fund launch Writer: Hangzhou Blockchain research Institute – launched under China’s central bank, started a Blockchain Registry Open Platform (… Read More

Datainquest Blockchain Course

2 Days (Sat/Sun) Jumpstart in Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum 4th Anniversary Event Sale!! Schedule: 9am-6pm (Mar 24-25) Link to Enroll: Training Location: Embassy Suites, 2885 Lakeside Dr, Santa Clara Price: USD 199.00/- 60%OFF!! Original Price 550USD Curriculum (>70% Hands-On!) Day 1: Blockchain Introduction and Bitcoin/… Read More

Blockchain Training Courses & Events

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Dapps Design Concepts – Self Learning Guidelines

If you are a developer, content writer or a UX/UI designer, blockchain technology can have a direct impact in your  future career goals. If you position yourself well and learn these technologies, the opportunities for higher paying jobs is tremendous. Read our blog post on… Read More

Designing For Decentralized Apps – Dapps Design

Decentralized apps (Dapps) based on blockchain technology are becoming very popular.  They are also creating huge career opportunities.  One such area is for design experts who understand the challenges of that a Dapp environment posses and able to handle it well.  Some of the jobs listed for this role require… Read More

Richest People in Crypto Economy

Forbes for the first time published a list of Crypto’s Richests – Chris Larsen Joseph Lubin Changpeng Zhao Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss Matthew Mellon Brian Armstrong Matthew Roszak Anthony Di Iorio… Read More

Cryptocurrencies 101

What is Cryptocurrency? “Everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers”. -John Oliver Cruptocurrencies are not only a type of currency that can be used to facilitate transactions but also are a new asset class type. John Oliver – HBO Late night show… Read More