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Ai and Blockchain Growing Rapidly

Ubuntu – “humanity towards others” – we can not exist in isolation – we need to build bridges between the “I”s of the world : iBriz

Working together – Building trust.
For trust is the only factor that will see us all through.




  • Investment Sourcing and Product Marketing Fit Consulting

  • Recruiting Talent

  • Access to the Bay Area technology and Funds for International Startups


  • Business Development and Partnerships through events

  • Recruiting talent

  • Global Platform Promotion – through our extensive developer network



Artificial Intelligence

AI Resources for business –

  • Recruitment : we have an extensive network of AI/ML and data science talent globally. We can help you recruit talent anywhere in the world
  • Outsource : AI projects to our in-house experts (data cleaning, feature extraction, modeling). Onsite, Offsite and Global Development and implementation services based on your specific business need.
  • AI Consulting : help develop AI strategy. Work with AI professionals with deep product knowledge. Implement proven adoption strategies and methodology.
  • AI Events : we have the expertise, experience and resources to conduct AI Events anywhere in the world – see past events below.


  • Blockchain architecture . With myriad of offerings in the blockchain space which is the right platform to bet on?
  • Token Design. Do you believe in the token universe as envisioned by disrupters like Bancor. How to design an eco-system around your token with mechanism design.
  • ICO/TGE are an innovative way to raise funds where global citizens can participate. Do you know your ERC20 vs ERC223
  • As a disruptive emerging field where do you find the resources to work on your projects?
  • Blockchain Events : natural extension of our expertise in running AI events is on blockchain space. Scout for the right talent for your teams via these events.

We are the bridge between emerging startups, enterprises and ​Artificial Intelligence / Blockchain technologies

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We organize, promote and coordinate innovative events, hackathons and seminars to confluence industries and thought-leaders together.

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