1. Open Money Market  (OMM):  The very first Decentralized Money Market on ICON, where anyone can lend and borrow assets, earn interest, and own a share of the protocol. 

2. Contribution Propososal System (CPS): A grant system that works on a DAO governance model to support the contribution done by the community members in the ICON community. The project was built by a joint effort of ICON Foundation and iBriz-ICONOsphere. CPS uses the Contribution Proposal Fund (CPF) to fund worthy projects.

3. Balanced: The first Defi project in the ICON network which incentivizes people to deposit their ICX as collateral and borrow tokens pegged to the value of real world assets. The first token will be the ICON Dollar, which is pegged to USD called bnUSD.

4. ICON FAQ Bot: A telegram bot for answering frequently asked questions.

5. Blockchain Casino Workshop: iBriz.ai partnered with KU HackFest to organize a localhost workshop event “Localhost: Blockchain Casino- Learning How To Score On ICON”. on February 16, where participants were taught how to build and deploy a slot machine using ICON technology, ICX, and SCORE and deploy it in the ICON network.

6. NonFungible Token(NFT):  Demonstration of a working non-fungible token (IDOL Token) and dApp development using tbears before the testnet launch at the ICX Station SF Launchpad Kickoff event (9/6/2018) – http://bit.ly/38s4pnS

7. Dice Roll Game : Developed ICX DiceRoll app – See it on GitLab here, play it here – http://diceroll.win/

8. Testnet Faucet: ICX Testnet Faucet – Hosted by us and still in use by developer community.- http://bit.ly/iBrizfaucet

9. ICON Developer workshop: SF Blockchain week (10/8/2018) – Enhanced and nicely written up as a blog post by 2infiniti herehere and here.

10. Running ICON Testnet Node: On hyukjin network since 8/1/2019.

11. Payment Gateway: Developed payment gateway for clients to receive their IRC2 token.

12. dApps: Actively working with clients developing multiple dApps on ICON since 2/1/2019.

13. Token Economics and DAO Governance: Comprehensive logic for token economics, access management and DAO governance that we think could revolutionize how ownership mechanics can evolve with the DAO concept.

14. Feedback to Core ICON dev Team: During this time we have been in frequent contact with the core ICON development team, from whom we have received generous technical support, and to whom we have been happy to give feedback regarding platform development.

15. ICON developer training: First iteration of ICON developer training in progress in Nepal.