In late 2017, Cryptokitties was first introduced to the gaming community. The game compromised of breeding of different cats but differed from other traditional games as it was backed by the Blockchain Technology. Cryptokitties became so popular among the gamers..

As the unprecedented impact of Covid-19 continues to devastate global economies, new ideas which were considered not relevant or even illegal are now becoming relevant again. One such area is the technology of blockchain and virtual/crypto currency.

ICON, a South Korean blockchain project has got a community that consists of motivated individuals and teams from all around the world. So, iBriz-ICONOsphere, a public representative team for ICON is preparing to come up with a tipping bot to help acknowledge the contributions made by the community

iBriz wants to position itself as a developer and promoter of games in Blockchain. With our experience in understanding ICONBet and also other games like DiceRoll we are building a special developer and marketing team to push the ICONBet Platform.

Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BTH)

Bitcoin Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise in the last few months. But some key figures in tech space like Tim Draper had called its price of $10,000 in September 2014. For the last few years bitcoin went through lot of community in-fighting on how it should change. Miners and Businesses that accept bitcoin as payment wanted…

Investing in Crypto through Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

In order to better help individuals financially prepare for their retirement, the Government enacted a law (Employment Retirement Income Security Act or ERISA) in 1974. This law allowed the formation of individual retirement accounts (IRAs)


When did IRS start issuing guidance on taxation for Bitcoins? In 2014 for the first time IRS began issued a guidance on taxation for Bitcoins. How does IRS treat Bitcoins for taxation? IRS determined that Bitcoin would be treated as an intangible  property.

Yahoo Crypto Summit Agenda-Schedule

Yahoo Finance presented All Markets Summit: Crypto, in association with CoinDesk. They examined the growing market and investor interest in cryptocurrencies and the technology behind it. Where are these digital assets heading, and how can everyday investors buy in safely?

Hedge fund CEO Dan Morehead bullish on Crypto

Pantera Capital hedge fund CEO Dan Morehead is a betting big on Crypto assets.  He started his first crypto fund in 2013. He is one of the most successful fund managers in this space

Compare- Crypto – Hardware wallets – ledger Nano S – Keepkey-Trezor

What is a Bitcoin Wallet? A program to: 1. receive Crypto currency 2. store Crypto currency 3. monitor crypto balances 4. wallets interface with blockchain (ledger of crypto transactions) 5. monitor addresses on the blockchain 6

Compare Ledger Nano – Keepkey and Trezor

What is a Bitcoin Wallet? A program to: 1. receive Crypto currency 2. store Crypto currency 3. monitor crypto balances 4. wallets interface with blockchain (ledger of crypto transactions) 5. monitor addresses on the blockchain 6

Keepkey supported crypto coins

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Testnet, Ethereum, and Dash. Operating systems supported: Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chrome app is also available on each of these platforms 

What is the difference between bitcoin and Ethereum

Circle the crypto currency company acquires Poloniex,  Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire explains the difference the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum in a layman’s terms.  Transcription of the video below

US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Crypto Currency

The US   Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is allowing its employees to trade in Crypto Currency. But there are certain restrictions. Employees can not trade in margin They can not take advantage of insider information to trade and profit Employees can not trade in crypto futures In 

Airdrops-how to get free cryptocurrency

If you feel that you have been left out of the crypt craze, there is a way to get into this space for free. Yes. Free. Many new and also some of the earlier cryptocurriences are promoting their currency by giving away small amounts of it to people who already have a crypto wallet. This […]

Free Ethereum Airdrop

ETH AIRDROP!! This is a first come first served airdrop! Get 0.01 ETH directly and the additional 0.002 ETH award for each successful invitation. Ether Airdrop Free – Click here. Participate in steps: 1. Open activity link in browser, enter your wallet address, binding and withdrawal. 2. Join the official telegram group: 3. Return…

Cryptocurrencies 101

What is Cryptocurrency? “Everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers”. -John Oliver Cruptocurrencies are not only a type of currency that can be used to facilitate transactions but also are a new asset class type. John Oliver – HBO Late night show explains in a humorous but also…

Richest People in Crypto Economy

Forbes for the first time published a list of Crypto’s Richests – Chris Larsen Joseph Lubin  Changpeng Zhao Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss Matthew Mellon Brian Armstrong Matthew Roszak Anthony Di Iorio Brock Pierce Michael Novogratz Brendan Blumer Dan Larimer Valery Vavilov Charles Hoskinson Brad Garlinghouse Barry Silvert Vitalik Buterin Tim Draper Song Chi-Hyung source:

Designing For Decentralized Apps – Dapps Design

Decentralized apps (Dapps) based on blockchain technology are becoming very popular.  They are also creating huge career opportunities.  One such area is for design experts who understand the challenges of that a Dapp environment posses and able to handle it well.  Some of the jobs listed for this role require a practical or academic background in…

Dapps Design Concepts – Self Learning Guidelines

If you are a developer, content writer or a UX/UI designer, blockchain technology can have a direct impact in your  future career goals. If you position yourself well and learn these technologies, the opportunities for higher paying jobs is tremendous. Read our blog post on “Designing for Dapps”. You can follow the process below to get…

Blockchain Training Courses & Events

Datainquest Blockchain Course

2 Days (Sat/Sun) Jumpstart in Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum 4th Anniversary Event Sale!! Schedule: 9am-6pm (Mar 24-25) Link to Enroll: Training Location: Embassy Suites, 2885 Lakeside Dr, Santa Clara Price: USD 199.00/- 60%OFF!! Original Price 550USD Curriculum (>70% Hands-On!) Day 1: Blockchain Introduction and Bitcoin/ Ethereum mining Learning Objectives 

Guangzhou Blockchain

Hangzhou Government investment in $1.6 Billion blockchain fund and RMB 500 million Shenzhen VC fund on Blockchain. Blockchain entering ‘government-led mode’ with Shenzhen blockchain fund launch Writer: Hangzhou Blockchain research Institute – launched under China’s central bank, started a Blockchain Registry Open Platform (BROP). BROP White Paper Zhongchao Blockchain Research Institute was started in 2015…

Blockchain Resources

Blockchain Training Camp Free – Blockchain Internships –

ICON Workshop