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Hangzhou Government investment in $1.6 Billion blockchain fund and RMB 500 million Shenzhen VC fund on Blockchain.

Blockchain entering ‘government-led mode’ with Shenzhen blockchain fund launch


Hangzhou Blockchain research Institute – launched under China’s central bank, started a Blockchain Registry Open Platform (BROP).

BROP White Paper

Zhongchao Blockchain Research Institute was started in 2015 and has 22 blockchain patents.

Guangzhou Promotes Blockchain – The first blockchain industry association in Huangpu –

World Patent Ranking for Blockchain Technology (in Chinese)


Guangzhou Ethereum Meetup

Ethereum China Shenzhen

690 Members
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Ethereum China-

Blockchain Challenges and Opportunities – Writers from Sun Yat-Sen and Macau Univerity

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Guangzhou Blockchain Jobs:

Startup Grid Guangzhou:

News: The Blockchain Government Project of Guangzhou Information Service Centre Through The acceptance


We spent a great week in China. Dbrain CEO @matskevich met with the community in Guangzhou. So excited to share our ideas, vision and plans!

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White Paper Announces First Massive Blockchain in Guangzhou Belarus Legalization of ICO and Digital Currency Trading | Golden 9:30, Issue 131 – Exclusive Sponsorship of Yuan Yuan

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9 Chinese provinces issue blockchain guidance