Dapps Design Concepts – Self Learning Guidelines

Dapps Design Concepts

If you are a developer, content writer or a UX/UI designer, blockchain technology can have a direct impact in your  future career goals. If you position yourself well and learn these technologies, the opportunities for higher paying jobs is tremendous. Read our blog post on “Designing for Dapps”.

You can follow the process below to get a hands on knowledge/experience with Dapps design –

Step 1.  PetShop:  This tutorial will take you through the process of building your first dapp—an adoption tracking system for a pet shop!

Step 2. For resources read the blog article “Designing for Dapps”  and another great article from Dick Olson – on the same topic but with actual codes (Dapps User Interface)

Step 3. The PetShop tutorial doesn’t use react.js. Reactjs is increasingly becoming a very popular design framework in general and also specifically in the Dapp environment.  You can try to go through the same tutorial (PetShop) but now using react.js.

Step 4. To get familiarity with reactjs, study this sample of Dapp design from OpenZeppelin.

Toolkits to aid the development of Decentralized applications. Try to learn every thing about these tools (installation, setup, custom configuration and scripting). The two most popular ones are Web3 and Truffle.

Web3 & Truffle toolkits can be used to:

Build an interface to interact with a smart contract
Set up event-driven interfaces
Adapt to Truffle’s default behavior
Write functional tests for smart contracts
Manually test contract functionality?
Instantiate web3 and communicate with a contract from an HTML page
Use client side signing and remote nodes for light DApps

You should also look into how web3 and truffle work with Angular.js.

Another great article on Dapps –