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Practical applications of blockchain technologies

Essential knowledge of blockchain technology

How to achieve product-market fit

Security for blockchain technologies

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" I had worked on various minor projects on Ethereum and Cryptography by myself before joining Ibriz too. But after starting with the internship, my passion got a sharp direction and an accelerated pace. I got to be led by some of the best knowledgable seniors in the company, more primarily Er. Ajay Mandal. I was given some R&D tasks pertaining to Ethereum Smart Contract Upgradability and Security. I did some tasks on the Harmony blockchain and had a little dig into the Celo Blockchain. Aside from that, I also learnt about other blockchains that aren’t EVM based like the ICON blockchain, whose ecosystem is where iBriz is actively involved in. "
Asmee Dhungana
Software Development Intern

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