Updated ICON TipTap Bot

Updated ICON TipTap Bot

On April 1st, 2020 we launched ICON’s first-ever Tipping Bot “ICON TipTap Bot” in mainnet. Tipping bot not only helps to increase the transactions but also helps to appreciate contributors. ICON TipTap Bot is integrated for Telegram since it has the largest community for the ICON project. 

As of now, you can find ICON TipTap Bot  in these following telegram groups:

  1. ICON Project
  2. Icon.community
  3. ICONbet Official
  4. ICON Traders Lounge
  5. ICX price discussion(TA)
  6. ibriz_ICONOsphere

Since we launched ICON TipTap Bot in mainnet, more than 48 users have been using ICON TipTap Bot. A total of 0.51 ICX has been spent on transaction fees. All the transaction fees during tipping will be paid by iBriz-ICONOsphere as a contribution. As of now 31 ICX and 871 TAP has been tipped by users. For more stats visit our ICON TipTap Bot Dashboard.

The Tipping bot also resolves the concern for the safety of their tokens as it is maintained by the smart contract which acts like a sub wallet. The amount deposited can be withdrawn in their main wallet anytime.

Read more about  ICON TipTap Bot: Here

The previous version got some amazing responses and feedback. So, we are here with new features.

Features included on updated ICON TipTap Bot:

  1. Rain: 

Rain feature is a way to reward active users on your chat. Rain refers to the water drop equally to every ground, Rain feature will distribute the tip amount equally to all the active users in the group for the last 7 days(on default). You can select the time frame for less than 7 days too. Any user on the group can use this feature. 

You can use this feature in the following manner.
/rain {amount} {coin/token name} {timeframe**}
For eg.
→ /rain 100 icx: This is to select the active(texting) users from the group for last 7 days and divide the 100ICX equally to each user

→ /rain 100 icx 48h: This is to select the active(texting) users from the group for the last 48 hours (or 2 days) and divide the 100 ICX equally to each user.

** Not mandatory

ICON TipTap Bot

  1. Giveaway: Giveaway is a feature in the ICON TipTap Bot to randomly tip a number of users. Giveaway feature will distribute the tip amount equally to all the selected number of users in the group for the last 7 days with active participation.  If the number of users is more than the active users then the giveaway will not be successful.

Command to use this feature is:

/giveaway {amount} (coin/token name} {number of users} 

For eg:
/giveaway 10 ICX 5 : This will tip 10 ICX to 5 random individual users from the last 7 days.

ICON TipTap Bot


What do you think about the new ICON TipTap Bot? Let us know on our Telegram channel or connect with us on Twitter