Transformative Tech in Nepal



The enhancement of human well-being with neurotechnology (On Skype)

Dr. Jay will discuss his current research investigating various forms of noninvasive brain stimulation to enhance human well-being, including focused ultrasound and low-level light stimulation. Jay will be presenting at TedTalk on the 26th of Jan, right before the Nepal event.

Scientific literature shows that these neurotechnologies can be used to enhance human well-being in clinical populations, but they also open the possibilities that these technologies could enhance happiness for non-clinical populations

Sound Healing – (David Gibson: Director of the Sound Healing Institute San Francisco)

(On Skype)

David will talk about how each of us have a unique vibration. Now with the advancement of technology, we are able to measure that vibration and using customized sound/music we can address certain, psychological, cognitive and physical well being of an individual.

Pati Pallerito (Sound Healer:St. Louis – USA) 

(On Skype)

As a therapist and sound artist she will talk about science of sound and vibrational medicine to create a safe and sacred space for inner peace and joy

Open EEG data

Kumar Pandey(CTO

Dan Brehmer (Chief Data Scientist

Just like how Human Genome Project made scientific research more accessible at a global scale, Open EEG data can play similar role in fostering innovation and lowering the barrier to entry for starups in this space. Enabling technologies like AI/ML and Blockchain will be explored.

Myndscape (CEO/Founder – Silicon Valley Trasformative Tech Startup)

(On Skype)

Roshan will be talking on how Silicon Valley startups are looking at Trasformative Tech.

A gym for the mind using AI and VR.


Snow Manjushree School

The Snow Manjushree School* was founded in 2014 by Buddhist monk Sonam Gyaltse Ghale (Buddhist name: Lama Dhundup). He started this organisation to give unprivileged children from the remote Himalayan region (Manang District) the chance to receive quality education free of cost. At the moment the Kathmandu-based school is providing a full-board home like environment and education to 108 children in the age of 2-16 years old. Children from nursery to class 5 are being schooled at Snow Manjushree School. Older kids are going to the Rashmi Secondary School in Swoyambhu, Kathmandu. All the children are being offered the standard Nepali curriculum and receive additional classes in Tibetan (their mother tongue) and extra activities offered by international volunteers.