• Blockchain architecture . With myriad of offerings in the blockchain space which is the right platform to bet on?
  • Token Design. Do you believe in the token universe as envisioned by disrupters like Bancor. How to design an eco-system around your token with mechanism design.
  • ICO/TGE are an innovative way to raise funds where global citizens can participate. Do you know your ERC20 vs ERC223
  • View Sample Blockchain Completed Projects


   AI Resources for business –

  • Recruitment : we have an extensive network of AI/ML and data science talent globally. We can help you recruit talent anywhere in the world
  • Outsource : AI projects to our in-house experts (data cleaning, feature extraction, modeling). Onsite, Offsite and Global Development and implementation services based on your specific business need.
  • AI Consulting : help develop AI strategy. Work with AI professionals with deep product knowledge. Implement proven adoption strategies and methodology.
  • AI Events : we have the expertise, experience and resources to conduct AI Events anywhere in the world – see past events below.