Promoting ICONbet as a DAO with iBriz

iBriz wants to position itself as a developer and promoter of games in Blockchain. With our experience in understanding ICONBet and also other games like DiceRoll we are building a special developer and marketing team to push the ICONBet Platform.

Our experience in TX Challenge where we built Diceroll has created a foundation to build more sophisticated games. More info on Diceroll here. We have a team (including PhDs)  that thoroughly understand the mathematics of ICONBet, so expanding into other games will be a natural progression.

For ZenSports ( ICON Blockchain based company) – we built their IRC-2 token. We also developed their payment gateway to access sports token as payment method in ZenSports.

Working closely with other gaming companies like Zensports and building games similar to DiceRoll we would like to create more games on ICONBet and see the interaction between the games. This experience will lead us to help build and SDK in ICONBet that will allow other developers to create games quickly in the ICONBet platform.  This way the community will grow tremendously, benefitting the initial TAP token holders.

For this to happen we will promote the ideas in the EEP (Eco System Expansion Program) and also in the DBP (DApp Booster Programs). This will attract the larger ICON community to our ICONBet platform. We want every ICONist to know and be part of the ICONBet community.  Games are a major part of transaction in blockchain platforms like EOS and Tron. ICONBet has achieved this status in the ICON Blockchain platform. Thanks to the great marketing effort by the promoters and the support of the players like you.

IBRiz/ICONOsphere has other DAO projects in the works that have not been published yet.  We are promoting ICONBet as a great platform for the future of DAO based games and applications. This is being done by a special “Blockchain Marketing team” that we are putting together. This team has a combination of Blockchain developers and digital marketing experts.

The medium to long term strategy for Ibriz/ICONOsphere is to be the builders and promoters of games in Blockchain, incorporating the concepts of DAO. We are already partnering with companies that are developing “Casual and Hyper Casual Games” in the traditional mobile platform. We will be deploying them very shortly in Blockchain platforms, including ICON  Our goal is to continue to work with ICON Nation and its citizens (the ICONists) to build games that are extremely popular globally. That way we all benefit together.

As a P-rep candidate we are helping develop a very robust and reliable node-framework. We are not just about building the games but also have a world class DevOps team working on this aggressively.

Together with developing popular games and helping build a secure ICON Blockchain platform, we will build a nation together.

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