ICON TipTap Bot Dashboard

ICON TipTap Bot Dashboard

ICON TipTap Bot, ICON’s first-ever Tipping Bot has been gaining more popularity among the ICONists in telegram. iBriz also launched an updated version of ICON TipTap Bot with features like “Rain” and “Giveaway”. The idea was to encourage more people and the community to use this bot. With its popularity and use case, various active telegram channels related to ICON like ICONbet started using this bot to incentivize the community members. P-Reps such as ICON Philipinas who are actively working to promote ICON have also been using this bot in their community. iBriz recently developed ICON TipTap Bot Dashboard to acknowledge these groups and P-Reps who have always been active to promote ICON.


ICON TipTap Bot Overview

Since the deployment of  ICON TipTap Bot in mainnet, more than 340 users have been using ICON TipTap Bot. A total of 9.22 ICX has been spent on transaction fees. All the transaction fees during tipping are paid by iBriz-ICONOsphere as a contribution. As of now 2456.72 ICX and 10329.12 TAP has been tipped by users.

ICON TipTap Bot Dashboard


ICX Tip Statistics:

The Top ICX contributor features the people or accounts who have tipped the most using the bot. As of now, Top ICX contributors are the representatives from the Icon Pilipinas P-Rep team with 1132 ICX as the highest volume of ICX tipped. Most Tipped groups feature the groups where the volume of ICX tipping is high. ICON Pilipinas is in the top with 2350.72 ICX & Top ICX receiver has received a total of 372ICX.


ICON TipTap Bot Dashboard

TAP Tip Statistics:

As of now, Top TAP Contributor is also a member of ICON Pilipinas with 4784 TAP. The most Tipped group with 8771.74 TAP is ICON Pilipinas & most TAP receiver has received a total of 2979 TAP.


ICON TipTap Bot Dashboard

Dashboard also shows
Most Tipped Messages by ICX & TAP, and Most Recent Tipped messages too. Head over to ICON TipTap Bot Dashboard to find more stats.

ICON TipTap Bot Dashboard

As of now, you can find ICON TipTap Bot in these following telegram groups:

  1. ICON Project
  2. Icon.community
  3. ICONbet Official
  4. ICON Traders Lounge
  5. ICX price discussion(TA)
  6. ibriz_ICONOsphere
  7.  ICON Pilipinas

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to contact iBriz at [email protected].

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