Hands-On Intro to Cryptocurrency Trading

Get Your First Cryptocurrency

Bring Your Laptop – Open Your Crypto Wallet – Get Crypto Coin (Ethereum provided)

Learn About the Crypto Exchanges and start trading !!

All in One 3 hour session – a hands on experience
March 31st, 2018 –  4:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT : RobotxSpace : Santa Clara

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What you will learn from this hands on class?

  1. Buying Crypto currency – Learn how to convert Dollars (Fiat) into Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.
  2. Assessing Cryptocurrency value – There are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies. You will learn the basics of how to judge the value of these currencies and how to choose good entry end exit points.
  3. Opening a crypto wallet – There are many different wallets for managing cryptocurrency keys. You will learn how to use the Metamask wallet to hold, send and receive digital assets.
  4. Storing your crypto assets – We will provide Ether for you (one of the most popular cryptocurrencies) in your wallet. This is yours to keep and experiment.
  5. Trading cryptocurrencies to maximize profits – There are many exchanges where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. You will learn about different information sources and trading strategies. Learn how to read charts and forecast trends using Rumors and News sources
  6. Converting Crypto to dollars (Fiat) – You will learn different ways to convert your cryptocurrency to actual $$ and enjoy your profit.

Pre-requisites – None

Course Outline

  1. Pre-class work – Install Metamask and open exchange account
  2. The New Internet of Value – PP presentation
  3. Digital Assets – Evaluating, Buying, Trading
  4. Digital Asset Exchanges (Hands-On)
  5. Information Sources and Trading Strategies (Hands-On)
  6. Getting Out and Taxable Events
  7. Additional Resources

When you register we will send you instructions on how to prepare for the class.

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