ICON Network already came a long way since we last deployed our “ICON Alert Bot” back in January 2020. iBriz-ICONosphere has been actively participating to grow the network. Read more about iBriz latest collaboration with ICON.

ICON Alert Bot is a telegram chatbot prepared to help ICONists as well as P-reps to get notification regarding Votes, iScore Distribution, Node Status, Whale transactions. After the success of version 1.0 with 85 users using the bot, iBriz-ICONosphere came up with an updated version of “ICON Alert Bot”. 

Here are the updated features :

  • Subscription upto 5 P-Reps and 5 Wallet Address: Users can now add 10 addresses and get notified on all those 10 addresses.ICON Alert Bot
  • Details of Subscribed P-Reps: Users can get details i.e Total votes, Voters count, Productivity, Node status of subscribed P-Reps.ICON Alert Bot
  • Details of Subscribed Wallet address: Users can get details like Balance, I-Score of subscribed wallets. Users will also get details on undelegations period if there is any.ICON Alert Bot
  • Market status: Users will get details on ICX ( ICX to USD value, ICX to BTC value, Market cap, etc.).ICON Alert Bot 
  • User can turn on /off notifications for:
    • Whale Transaction: You will be notified when there will be a transaction over 200K ICX.
    • Vote Monitor: You will be notified for new voters, change of votes, and unvotes.
    • Node Status: Users will be notified if any changes come to nodes of selected P-Reps.
    • I-Score Distribution: You will be notified when Next-Term is changed and the I-Score is distributed with the total I-Score you got.
    • Transactions: For the Iconists, they can track the incoming and outgoing of the wallet balance. Users can set the limit of balance.ICON Alert Bot
  • Feedbacks: Users can now give any feedback directly through our ICON Alert Bot.ICON Alert Bot
    What do you think about the new ICON Alert Bot? Let us know on our Telegram channel or connect with us on Twitter.