Introduction to Bitcoin Trading

March 20, 2018


| 2.5 Hour Course

| Learn the ins-and-outs of trading during the modern-day Gold Rush! With a market cap of over half a trillion dollars, the Crypto Market is here to stay, young, and volatile! This class will teach you the tools you’ll need to navigate the world of CryptoTrading successfully. We’ll go over the common features, pros, and cons of almost every exchange running today – and how to use them safely. We’ll go over practical Trading Strategies used by Day Traders to maximize profits, minimize risk, and cater to specific trading goals. Learn how to take your portfolio and transactions on the road by using the proper procedures on your phone or tablet. Finally, we’ll go over how wallets for new Cryptocurrencies work so you’ll feel comfortable installing them and moving your coins offline.

| Audience

This workshop is designed for people who already have some Bitcoin and maybe some other Cryptocurrencies. You’re curious to learn about reading charts and how to quickly buy your coins, trade them, move them, and secure them. You know of exchanges but feel like you want a better understanding of them before you truly dive in. Finally, you want to know that you can trade coins at flip of a trend line – on your mobile device – any time of the day.

| Course Takeaways

Learn about the most popular exchanges

Understand how to read charts and order books

See Day Trader strategies (Technical Analysis) and how they view charts

Learn how to research about a Cryptocurrency (Fundamental Analysis)

Feel comfortable downloading and installing wallets

Learn from people who have lost their coins so you can avoid it happening to you

| About The Instructor

Gurinder (Sonu) Bhangoo has been heavily involved in Cryptocurrencies since he mined his first Bitcoin transaction in 2013. Currently, he is the Director of Blockchain Technology for Fair Trade – who have developed a Ride-sharing app that utilizes a forked Ethereum Blockchain. His first Blockchain presentation was held at the Sunnyvale Plug & Play Tech Center back in 2014. Currently, Gurinder is teaching Ethereum Smart Contracts on the road (with Blockchain Innovation Lab) for Developers, Managers, & Enterprises. His knowledge of multiple Blockchains is invaluable for people who are trying to cut through the noise in this rapidly growing industry.

He is actively developing two Mobile DApps “BlockSteps” & “MarketMe”, which are both built on Ethereum Blockchains. Gurinder’s teaching philosophy mirrors that of the Innovation Lab’s – encouraging student engagement and providing real-world examples to help his peers learn faster and more efficiently than they would in a traditional education style.

| What Should I Bring?

Bring your laptop and charger.

If you have any questions, please contact (510) 557-2282 or email us at We are happy to help!

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